Monday, August 13, 2018

Retirement: First day home alone.

Today is my first day of my retirement.  I'm not old enough to "officially" retire, but I no longer need to work for a living.  I'm very lucky!!!!!!  So what did I do on my first day?

I took Jazzy for a walk, played ball with Jazzy, cleaned two smokers, did two loads of laundry, hosed and swept the mud off the brick walkway, dug a path for the water to filter away from the bricks, and now I'm giving Jazzy some loving before I'm  off to shop for groceries. 

Had I been at work, I would have used my fingers and my brain, but I would have been sitting for the last two hours.  It feels good to be up and moving around.

Jazzy is finally asleep, so I"m off.
Have a wonderful day everyone.