Monday, July 23, 2018

Family photo fun-Roanoke VA

When ever I go anywhere, I have my camera.  This past weekend I visited my son Ryan and his lovely new bride, Justine in Roanoke, VA.  I had some time to kill while the boys rode their bikes up and down hills and Justine studied (she's gonna be a doctor one day soon!) So, I decided to drive around and catch a few sights. 

I tried to get to Catawba, VA via "avoid highways" on my Google maps.  However, the device asked me to turn right into trees and go on roads that weren't there and then I took random turns down roads that looked cool.  All in all, a fun way to go and see interesting parts of  the American past and present.  Later, I asked one of the neighbors on Ryan's street if I could catch the sunset on the mountains from his back porch. (since you can't really see it when there are houses and trees in the way.)   It was a little too late for sunset, but the mountain view from their porch is lovely.

When I was waiting in the house, I photographed the indoor plants. 

Enjoy the photos of the Roanoke and Salem area of Virginia.

An old dilapidated house in Pamplin City. 

My house has this type of construction too. 

Choosing succulents at the Roanoke farmer'smarket.

View from the Roanoke Star

Still newlyweds.

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View from the neighbor's porch.

203 Union St, Salem, VA. It's for sale only 250,000. 

An nature always returns.

Google was saying to turn right, right into the trees.

Google says, this should be a street.

Another fine home in Salem, VA.  I always wonder what the story is behind houses like this.

Wouldn't you know, I found a pig in Salem.

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