Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A weekend Getaway

When I go away to take pictures, with no clear goals in mind, I love to travel the older highways.  What would take only 3 hours on interstate 64 takes about 5 hours. When you stop to take pictures, visit shops or check out roads that seem to go nowhere, the 5 hours go by quickly.

The highway is beautiful.  It's lined by trees, goes through small towns, passes by memories.  Though I am not poetic like Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost , I know that what I am feeling when I see abandoned buildings, railroads that stretch across the landscape, livestock grazing, painted valleys and big sky,  I'm feeling what they must have felt. 

Here is my trip in pictures. 

A roadside stand with the honer system for payment.  I picked up some yummy blackberry jam and tomatoes. 

I always wonder what happened in these old buildings.

The neighbors didn't make it either.

I feel like the trees are guiding me down the road.

A path off the highway, I wonder where it leads.

The only drawback of one lane roads is when you have to drive on the wrong side due to construction. 

I saw this cabin by the river and wanted to get a photo but after I turned onto the street I needed to drive about 1/2 mile before I could turn around and I am glad I did. 

So many colorful trees in bloom. 

The cabin by the creek.

This is an old colonial like the one I live in now, I wonder if it was built about the same time. 

Church or school room?

The town was not called Buffalo so I have no idea about the name of this abandoned store. 

The valley looks like a painting, so many colors and textures. 

I'm not the only one who has stopped here to admire the scenery.

Something about railroad tracks, I gotta stop and photograph them. 

The little bull was being quite the bully. 

The curve in the road beckons me to keep going, to see what is next.

The drive way to Windy Mile.  A small, clean, cabin in a cow pasture. 

I often see trees in the middle of fields. I wonder if the farmers left them there because they were too big to move or to provide some shade for resting during the day. 

The driveway from the other angle. 

I wonder what the price of gas was when the last tank was filled. 

There is a story here I am sure.

Don't know why, but I like to photograph cows too.  They heard the camera clicking and were curious. 

The yard around the cabin is fenced but I wonder how close they would get if there was no fence. 

If the mama could talk, I wonder what she would be telling her baby. 


The Maury river which runs through the Goshen Pass

Selfies at the pass.

This footbridge led to the trails on the mountainside.

New Friends crossing the bridge.

Me and my girl. 


We walked up and then down a big hill. 

Beautiful friends and big sky (photo by Rachel). 

Rachel, my daughter, took this picture. The view out the window looks like a mounted photo.

At the winery, trying to get creative in Photoshop.

Rockridge Winery, yummy.

Rachel, my girl, really shows how the weekend was for all of us. 

The sunset on Saturday night with Evie. 
On Sunday we drove to Buchanan, VA the the River Craft Rail house for lunch to meet with Ryan and Justine.
On the way home, I tried a different route.  I was using the directions my phone said to use, then took a right turn and ignored the phone until it started re-routing me.  
The phone re-routed me and I though I was heading east.  I went through Virginia state roads the were just gravel paths.  I truly felt like an explorer but never alone cause I'd see little houses and mail boxes along the road. Funny thing, I took a 45 minute trek through the woods only for the gps to bring me exactly where I started.  
Abandoned nest to the railroad.