Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My dog and me.

It's been a while since I've posted to my blog. Life happens but now I have a moment of free time.  I spent most of May planning the best surprise 50th birthday party for Dale, I spent all of June caring for Dale because he had an accident and couldn't walk.  Part of caring for Dale was, and still is, entertaining our dog Jazzy.  We've taken several trips to the dog park through the woods at Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield, VA. A lovely place to walk, run or bike (though I've not done the bike course yet.)  We've spent a lot of time walking in town too.  There are some nice shops here, you should come visit.

Enjoy the photos.
My dog Jazzy and me.

Jazzy Learns to drink from the hose.

Jazzy just can't seem to keep up with the ball.  I think she's spatially challenged.

"Um, what are you doing back there big, brown dog?"

The little dog is boss.

Jazzy doesn't look happy to be sitting up there.

It never fails, I ask her if she wants to go to the park and she tilts her head, even if she's at the park.

One of the brightly colored Victorian homes in Smithfield

The blue chair is labeled for husbands to sit, but Jazzy thought it was cool.

Jazzy barely let me do this shot.

One of the antique cars during Smithfield's Olden Days.  It's sitting in front of the Cafe and another neat shop.

The barns from the "castle" make a great backdrop.

There are lots of flowers to capture.

There is something about a field of tall grass. I like the shadows from the different kinds of grass and I wonder what sat in the grass that made that indentation.

There is always a chance to see a deer in the park.

Jazzy was very good with her "Sit....Stay"