Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Doggie Christmas card

I wanted to get a cute picture of Jazzy, my 9 month old mutt (papers say Labrador/Boxer mix but I see Pitt too) for my Christmas card.  Getting the best shot is a lot of work.  I had help from my husband Dale who was in charge of situating Jazzy on the set. 

My set up was simple. I used a white, fuzzy material clipped to the fence, threw a few large, plastic ornaments form the Dollar Tree on the ground, leaned a small tree against the backdrop and asked Jazzy to sit in the middle of it all.

Here is how it all played out.  The first time she saw the set up she started barking at it.  "What strange thing is that in my back yard?" is what she probably was thinking.  When she realized that getting near it meant getting treats, then she was  all for jumping around on it. 

 Once she was comfortable with all the stuff, it was time to add the Santa hat. I have one that has a beard included and I thought it would be so cute on her. However, she just wanted to eat the ball at the end of the hat. The following photos are of her reaction to the hat and her being on Santa's naught list.

A lot of patience was needed for this session.  Jazzy is still a puppy and her exhuberence is fun to watch, but not good for taking pictures. however, with good timing and her obedience to some basic commands (and a hot dog of course), we finally got a few good shots.