Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tonight I attended a presentation given by Julianne Kost at Thomas Nelson Community College. I was expecting more information about technical things in  Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, something I could always learn more about.  However, she spoke instead about her creative process and shared images resulting from several self appointed projects. 

She has made these projects into books, Window Seat and Passenger Seat and more which are inspirational journeys in creativity.  

I will be reading those  books but her presentation was enough to spur me into rethinking how I processed a few photos last year.  In the spirit of creativity, I have reworked the following images.  I took these from a window seat or from the train seat traveling to and from NYC.

Using some selective focus, not in camera, but in Photoshop.

 Playing around with modes and filters in Photoshop

 Okay, I'll admit, I was driving for this one but it turned out okay and I never looked through the camera, i just pointed it forward and hit the shutter.
 Dirty petroleum works and other industrial towers can be quite contrasting in black and white.
 Out of the 100 or so photos of trees as they went by, this is the closest I had to Julianne's neat swirly images.
 More selective focus and blending modes
 This was an in camera double exposure.  An accident, I probably could never repeat it, but hey, it works.