Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Night in Amish Country

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing my nieces wedding which also gave me the opportunity to travel in the Amish country in Pennsylvania.  I found a beautiful bed and breakfast in Chocranville, PA.  The Elver Valley Farm bed and breakfast is run by Elvin and Vera Roher who have wonderful stories to tell. 
The main house has two rooms but they have a “cabin” as well.  It’s not a real cabin in that it has running water, many beds, a full kitchen and bath room but it is set apart from the main house and close to the pond.  You can find more information about the Elver Valley Farm bed and breakfast on the web. 
The location was perfect for me.   Because I was close to my destination I could take the evening and relax.  I listened to Elvin talk about his 99 varieties of Hosta plants and how he built his wagon out old parts from different pieces of equipment, one of those being a trailer bed from an old IRS wagon.   After listening to his stories, I walked around looking at the Amish farms.  I drove to a nearby Amish restaurant and had the best chicken pot pie I’ve ever eaten. All the while, of course, I had my camera at my side. 
I tried to respect the Amish wish to not be photographed so,  though I had ample opportunity, I did not photograph their faces.   One lady rode by quite slowly in her horse drawn wagon and I asked her if I could take a picture and she said, “Of the horse, of course” .  It always makes me appreciate my life when I see the Amish.   Here they are following their religion and beliefs amongst a world so far removed from my own, yet they are happy.   I certainly lack the courage to live without my comforts.  Sure, some say they were raised that way, but I was raised without a cell phone and a microwave but would not want to live without either now.
Here are some of my photos from my trip. 

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