Monday, August 31, 2015

Pet Portraits in the Park

My heartfelt thanks to Tracy, Mary & Ben, Meredith and Allison  &  Brenda  who arrived early and helped the entire time.  Thanks to Kay & David for stopping in and joining us for a time.  Sorry if I missed anyone else that stopped in. Thanks to my hubby Dale for his help and patience. 

I can’t wait to see all the photos you took!   We had so many wonderful dogs today and met some nice owners.    Sixteen of the twenty two participants who signed up made it to the park and we had six walk ins.  We were busy. 

Our day began at 7:15 am at Shelter 19 in Newport News Park and ended at around 12;30.  Tracy, Mary, Ben, Meredith and Allison were all there ready to help.   We found some shade to set up the backdrops, which during the day had to be moved to accommodate the shifting light of the sun.     We used tie out stakes behind the props to help keep some of the dogs from running off the set.   The round reflectors on the gold side were great to bring more light onto the animals.  

I stayed at the hay bales for most of the day, so all my photos will have the same backdrop.  We had some dogs that would get awards for their obedience, and some that took a little more patience.   it was a great opportunity to work with animals and provide quality photos to their owners. 
Enjoy the photos. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Creative Challenge 2

I didn't reach 24 in the last challenge (read explanation in previous blog), so when we went for a bite to eat, I tried it again in the restaurant.    Here is what I got. Thanks Tracie for letting me take your photo.  (Technically, if I use my previous rules, I cheated on two photos sorry)