Thursday, July 16, 2015

A doggy portrait session

I have a new puppy, and you can tell I'm a photographer because I already have over 2000 photos of Jazzy and she's only 4 months old.   (that's with all the deleted ones).

Photographing Jazzy is fun but challenging.  I'm fortunate to have a large back yard for her to play off leash, and she's smart so she sometimes listens.  

I wanted to show you the progression of images that I took before I got the "keeper" shot.

Jazzy has learned to jump on the couch.  It's not a sanctioned activity but today she jumped up and just looked at me with that puppy dog face and I gave in.  I had to run to get my camera so I asked my hubby, Dale, to keep her on the couch.


When I returned, Dale backed up and I called Jazzy's name to get her attention. She thought I was asking her to come, so she obeyed and ran off the couch.  That' wasn't quite what I had in mind. but that' okay 'cause my camera settings were all wrong anyway.    I forgot to even look at my ISO which was on 2000 from the last time I was shooting.  I had the flash off camera in my left hand and used ETTL mode.  The flash was pointed at the ceiling, sort of.

We invite Jazzy back on to the couch, but instead of looking at me, she's  looking at Dale.

She finally looks at me, but her expression is dead pan.  So I call her name again.

 Jazzy runs off the couch again.

Dale gets her back o the couch and she's paying attention to him again.

I moved my left hand which was holding the flash and the lighting is all wrong.  Darn.

 By this time, Jazzy is really trying to get Dale to let her off the couch. 

 It's been about 7 minutes and I still haven't the shot I wanted.  I have a lot of patience, but Jazzy's is running thin.

Then when I least expect it, she tilts her head and gives me that wonderful, doggie head tilt.  
Yeah, patience pays off.