Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Fur Ball

The fur ball is an annual gala whose guests include people and their pets. The people spend their time eating a wonderful dinner, bidding on auction items and dancing to live music.  The pets get pampered all night by their "pet sitters" while their owners enjoy the event.

Proceeds from this event go towards the Peninsula SPCA, which has recently become an adoption guarantee shelter.  That's exciting news. 

I had a great time photographing the event and am happy to volunteer my time and my skill to give the attendees both furry and non furry, something to remember their fun night.

Enjoy a little taste of the evening from the pet's point of view. 

Treats for everyone!
It's so good to meet new friends!


Mmmmmm, more please!
Where are the other cats?  They said there'd be cats.
Over there, the treats are over there!
I thought they said it was a ballet.

Oh great, they laid out the red carpet for me!
Darling, I knew I should have worn the red dress.

Oh Look at me, just look at me, I'm glittery all over.
Next year I want to be "bat dog"

Mom, where are you and why did you leave me in this life vest?

As I said, this place rocks.
Will you play with me?  All they want to do is sit and eat!

I hope they start the music soon!
Yeah, the music has begun.

Just one more, I can do it , just one more jump, one more treat.....

Out too late!

Well it's been fun here, but really, I will not be seen sleeping on this rug.

Bright am I!

So, does this suit make me look more like Brad Pitt or Pierce Brosnan?

Will someone please dance with me?