Thursday, November 6, 2014

New York City reflections

As you can see I do not update my blog very often, I have little time. Right now though, I have a moment while I wait for my daughter to wake so she can accompany me to NYC Penn station,

NYC is a multitude of opposites and constant stimulation.

I love that I am able to build happy moments with my daughter, that she is able to live and work and move towards a future.

I hate seeing others whose futures seem lost,

I love the sparkly lights, the flashing signs, the beautiful photos on all the ads,

I hate the dark alleys, the grime in the subway and the sight of an old man digging in a restaurant's trash looking for food.

NY is a wonderful place for food, from the vendor carts on corners to the classy Tai restaurant or the Steak house around the block, food of all cultures temps your palette. Almost every turn may smell of baked bread or grilling meat.

Yet amongst such abundance are hungry people who cannot survive without the charity of those who can; people who live in the street who smell of unwashed bodies and rotting clothes.

Halloween in my daughter's neighborhood was such a celebration. The decorations and costumes were enjoyed by all ages.

In the light of the next day it is clear that not all houses were decorated. Some houses stood abandoned with windows of wood planks, peeling walls and torn sidewalks.

If I were to stay in this city for more than just a brief visit I would never rest. I would either be photographing it or trying to fix it!  I give kudos to my lovely daughter for being able to balance it all.